Sweden’s first virtual platform for recruitment 


Virtual Career Days is Sweden’s first virtual career event and platform, where students, graduates and job seekers can meet employers in a virtual space.



Are you responsible for your
international recruitment?

Worried about how you will succeed with the recruitment in 2022?

On October 25, we open the doors to Sweden's largest digital recruitment event where we invite all of Sweden's students and new graduates. Thanks to the fact that our virtual platform is specially designed for digital recruitment, you can quickly find the right candidates to interact with and shortlist. The digital format allows you to find talent in Sweden, without the hassle of travelling.

Our mission is to offer you a time- and costefficient, as well as environmentally friendly way, to find & connect to talended candidates all over Sweden



Interact with potential candidates in a state-of-the-art 3D environment that provides a unique user experience. It gives you the chance to create something unique and the candidates will be able to get a better feel for your brand.


With more than 150 interactive features in the platform, you easily create engagement and communication to be able to build new relationships to find your next stars, for example via chat, video calls or webinars.


Through matching technology, you will find the right talent faster. This gives you a more efficient recruitment process and you can spend time on the candidates who are really relevant to you and save them for on-site interviews etc.


Thanks to over 50 statistics points, you can evaluate your results from the event. You will also receive contact information for all candidates who visited your stand for follows with interesting candidates even after the event.

How it works

500 000 students and jobseekers in Sweden are invited through email marketing, advertising, and collaborations. 

On the 25th of October we will open Virtual Career Days as a LIVE event. After the 25th, the platform will stay open for candidates to browse your offers and apply 365 days a year. Every month we will be hosting LÌVE-events in the platform, such as industry-specific events and speed dating.


Your offers and search criteria are matched with the candidate’s background and skillsets. You can also add skills test to qualify your candidates for jobs.


Brand your booth with your colors and fill it with brand videos, pictures, offers and more. In your virtual booth, you can chat with visitors and connect through video calls and live meetings, and interviews. Host seminars, lectures, workshops, meetings, or FAQ sessions LIVE. Not enough time? Choose pre-recorded lectures or seminars to attract your candidates.


It’s easy to actively reach out to potential candidates as you can view anyone attending the event, review their CV and detailed profiles, as well as shortlist favorite candidates. By listing your job offers in VCD, you will receive applications year-round.


Get detailed real-time data on how many people visits your booth, video views, submitted applications, and more. Export data, lists, and contact information for follow-up. This means you get measurable from your participation


Why Virtual Career Days?

A uniqe way to promote your brand and attract new talent in an interactive 3D user experience

Matching technique between employeers and candidates for more qualitative results

Acivly reach out to candidates, review CV’s, shortlist the best candidates and book interviews

A sustainable way to find talent all over Sweden

24/7 Live Support 

Your Virtual Booth 

A personal avatar or LIVE representative welcomes your audience to the booth 

Fill your booth with information materials, photos, videos, and offers 

Chat and hold video calls or open video meetings directly in your booth 

 seminars and workshops LIVE or choose pre-recorded lectures to boost your visibility

Receive applications for your job offers


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Who will you meet? 

We invite students and job seekers from all over Sweden, through email campaigns, social media, student organisations, advertisements as well as close collaborations with universities, colleges, and other great partners and exhibitors. 

In the graph, you can see in what industries our members base are currently looking for job




Event Calendar

Next event

Virtual Career Days LIVE 



Upcoming events
  • Virtual Career Days - LIVE
    tis 25 okt.
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    25 okt. 09:00 – 17:00 CEST
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    Sveriges största digital rekryteringsevent
  • LIVE Career Day - IT & Tech
    ons 23 nov.
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    23 nov. 12:00 – 14:00 CET
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    Must-attend event for anyone in IT and Technology!
  • LIVE Career Day - Socionomer
    tors 15 dec.
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    15 dec. 12:00 – 14:00 CET
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    En dag dedikerad till dig som studerar till socionom & vill träffa arbetsgivare och lyssna på inspirerade talare.
  • LIVE Career Day - Sociologists
    tors 15 dec.
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    15 dec. 12:00 – 14:00 CET
    Virtual Career Days Events Plattform
    A live event dedicated for Sociologists!


“It is a great platform, significantly better than other digital fairs we have been to. We also think it’s great that we can send out to the students after the fair to those who have visited our stand. ”

Recruitment manager at a municipality in Sweden






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About Framtidsverket -
Organizer of the event



Framtidsverket is an organization with a vision to be a the bridge between students and employees. Since the start in 2012, we have helped the public sector attract talent, build stronger brands and connect them to students - future employees. Since 2015, we have arranged one of Sweden's largest student fairs, Framtidsmässan, and other events for the public sector. We are now taking the next step by broadening our services to include employers within the private sector during Virtual Career Days, as well as international employees.  innovation, and sustainability as commandments.


Our focus is on digital events and innovative ways to build brands to recruit your next talent, as our virtual platform creates new opportunities for both job seekers and employers when it comes to employer branding, recruitment, and business development.




Framtidsverket and Virtual Career Days support Vi-skogen's work and for each new exhibitor at Virtual Career Days we plant six trees together with VI-skogen!


About Vi-Skogen 

VI-skogen fight both poverty and climate change. Vi-skogen works with tree planting in East Africa, where they also train local farmers' organizations in sustainable agriculture and agroforestry, gender equality and entrepreneurship. Agroforestry involves growing trees and interacting with crops and livestock. It gives women and men living in poverty the opportunity to cope with climate crisis effects. They increase their resilience and can thereby improve their living conditions, directly and in the long term. At the same time, carbon dioxide is bound and the climate improves.


Read more at viskogen.se



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